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Proud & Happy to be part of it! Thank You Caterpillar for this amazing cooperation!

“It is Twenty-Five years ago since the first pair rolled off the production line, the Colorado boot continues to find its way on the feet of the people who roll-up their sleeves, get involved and push things forward.

What started with the industrial workforce was soon to be adopted into street culture as a statement of individuality and integrity. Born in a time of bold statements and empowerment, the Colorado quickly became an iconicsilhouette for the fashion forward urbanites of the nineties.

Over the years the Colorado has taken many incarnations and spread across many territories, transcended many cultures, but has always remained true to itself and its design, never waning in originality and heritage.

Colorado Boot – Born in 1991. Often mimicked, but never equalled.”

The 25colorado story

The Cat Splash


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